Laptop Apple MacBook Air Review

Begins Newera - Laptop Apple MacBook Air - MacBook is the ultrathin version from Apple with its 11.6 inch screen. It is the smallest version of Apple with lower value of $999. It has got attention with its glossy look and design. MacBook Air has attracted the enthusiast niche with its thinner size and lighter weight. It has quick boot time, good battery life, and excellent trackpad/keyboard combo. Apple ignored the shift in laptop sizes and price and it did not go below 13 inches. But the new Air in 13 and 11 inches is incredibly thin and light. Myspesifikasi laptop, It has all metal construction due to there will be no issue of feeling too fragile. The shape of MacBook Air is close to the previous version. An optical illusion of thinness is created with tapered body toward the front.

Apple MacBook Air

Harga laptop apple, The working of the large keyboard and trackboard is excellent. There are small function keys at the top. You will have excellent typing experience. The large multitouch trackapd of the Air is excellent. The entire pad can click don easily as it is hinged at the top. There is addition of latest version of the Apple’s iLife suite in the MacBook Air. Harga MacBook Air 11, There are so many useful and fun features included in the form of iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand. It can be ideal software suite for the casual users. iPhoto slideshows are included in the system as well with which pictures can be taken place to the interactive map with the GPS data and so many interesting movies trailer templates. The boot timing of the system is extremely impressive and quick.

The native resolution of 1366 x 768 used in the system with 16:9 display ratio. There is thick silver bezel used on the screen which is aesthetically good, laptop asus harga 2 juta. The USB ports are doubled than its previous version. The hard drive is used with 64GB or 128GB which is very small for storing high res data of photos and videos. Its speed is very good with Core 2 Duo/NVIDIA 320M. But still there is some confusion about the use of older Core 2 Duo processor of Intel in MacBook Air and 13 inch MacBook. The back and forth performance can be compared with ULV Core i7 Acer that shows that it is not a deal killer. The main reason for using Core 2Duo is that Apple can easily include NVIDIA 320M graphics chip in the system. It might use the integrapted graphics of Intel if there is Core i-series processor used in the MacBook Air, harga laptop apple.

The Good Features

Apple MacBook has good slim design, excellent graphics performance and keyboard, trackboard combo and new iLife '11 software, Harga acer aspire one. It has 16:9 display with 11 inch screen.

The Bad Features

It is pricey with older processor and it lacks SD card slot and backlit keyboard.

The bottom line

MacBook is made less expensive and smaller by Apple but there are some features left along the way.

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