Laptop Toshiba mini NB255 N245 Review

Begins Newera - Laptop Toshiba mini NB255 N245. It has good performance and its trackpad is also responsive but hard drive and battery life of the system are below than average. Myspesifikasi laptop. It is a good netbook with above average quality.

Toshiba mini NB255 N245

It is basically an up gradation by Toshiba in new Mini NB255. Harga laptop terbaru 2017, The design of this model is quite similar to its previous BN205 design. The processor of the Mini NB255 is a big update as latest Intel Atom N455 processor used in this netbook due to which there is performance boost in it as compared to previous N450 and N200 seried processor. Harga laptop toshiba, It can be good for the single use for internet and basic media applications. The memory of the netbook is restricted to one GB only which is biggest performance limitation.

There is 160GB hard drive used in the netbook which is common for the Windows XP generation and there is lack of storage space in the NB255, laptop toshiba terbaru.

You can find similar graphics used in the NB255 as that of other 10.1 inches netbooks. There is glossy coated display panel of 10.1 inch used in the netbook. It can be difficult to use in outside. There is Intel GMA 3150 graphics used due to which there will be no real HD video streaming.

It is a budget netbook from Toshiba in which 6 cell battery packs used just behind the screen. The battery time is only five hours noted for video streaming playback which is below the average. Harga Laptop toshiba satellite, There is typical plastic layout used in the NB255 which is comfortable. The trackpad of the netbooks is the best with large surface area, individual buttons and responsive movement.


It has faster performance with excellent trackpad and above average quality.


The battery life is below average. Harga notebook toshiba chromebook 2, Its hard drive is smaller can battery can stick out behind the display

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