Laptop Samsung N150 JPB2 Review

Begins Newera - Laptop Samsung N150 JPB2. Samsung N150 is the second generation of netbooks from Samsung in which faster processor of Atom N450 is used.

Atom N450 processor is the biggest selling point of the N150. Myspesifikasi laptop, This processor has brought new life to the netbooks. It is a single core part with 1.66GHz and its front side bas is 667 MHz and L2 Cache is 512KB. There is memory controller and graphics processor as well which is integrated onto the chip directly. There is no need for the separate hungry chip because of these features of the N450 processor. The NM10 Express chipset of Intel can handle everything with N450. The total power draw is 7.6W which can result in 40% reduction in power consumption.

Laptop Samsung N150 JPB2

The innards of N1540 are original and interesting. Harga laptop terbaru 2017, The chassis of the system is not hround breaking. It has glossy black lid and there are anodized red stripes which can add to the charm.

Key failing

The keyboard of the system is not very good. There are small keys used on the keyboard which can result in typing mistakes. Harga laptop samsung terbaru, The touchpad of the N150 is a real joy with its smooth surface. The touchpad is compatible with the multi touch gestures. Two-finger scrolling or 3-fingered swiping motion to navigate the documents is good with this touchpad.

Hook up, line in and sync her

The connectivity of the N150 is very good with three USB ports. Harga laptop samsung ativ series, There are microphone and headphone jacks, VGA output, Ethernet port and Kingston lock features included in the system. You can also find Bluetooth and 802.11 n WiFi.

As seen on screen

There is non coating glossy look in the system with which it can be difficult to use it in the outdoors. The resolution of the system is 1024 x 300 pixels, notebook samsung.

What performance boost?

The overall performance of the system is very good with its good processor. It is very good for the simple tasks like watching videos, checking emails and stalking people on the Facebook. The impressive battery time is the most impressive feature of the system. Its battery can provide battery life of about five hours.


If you are battery life conscious user then Harga Samsung N150 will be the right choice for you. It has good standard features with its excellent processor. It has attractive look providing good performance.


It has long battery life and annoying reflections are eliminated by the matte screen.


The hard drive is relatively small and it has cramped keyboard.

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